The difference between buy side firms, data/tools and GVP

Emeer Azhar
Research Analyst

When looking to grow your company and potentially invest in mergers and acquisitions, it can be challenging to figure out the optimum way to do this. There are many different types of M&A support providers which are often assumed to be the same or thrust under the same category, but this is not accurate or helpful for you as a business person looking to make optimum decisions.

Between buy side firms, tool and data platforms and managed service providers like GVP, there is a raft of differences despite all helping with sourcing for buying and selling. Each has its own unique features, benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will explore what these differences are and evaluate which is the best choice.

Buy side firms

Buy side firms purchase investment securities and provide advice for buying for use within their own organisation. As such, they match deals with buyers that they work for and are accountable for themselves. Their fee structures and functions change, but the probability of close influences their operations. This means that they are not always reliable to deliver the best results for you, often working for their own interest.


Data and tool providers give you access to good intel and provide the platform for you to be able to use this data. This means that you are able to make informed actions based on a raft of information. This can be beneficial if you are hoping to stay in control of the sourcing and selling process. However, you are completely accountable for your own success when using these tools. The tools cannot do the work for you, they simply provide resources so that it can be done. This is not ideal for those who need help and expertise to support the process and make it more streamlined.

Managed service providers

On the other hand, managed service providers are more aligned with your specific goals and criteria for deal origination. GVP is an accountable party that aims to provide both the resources and support that you need for meaningful growth. You will work alongside an expert who has experience in your field and has access to industries across 20 countries for a wide-reaching, comprehensive service. Our fees are weighted on the success of your project meaning we are motivated to put the time and resources aside necessary to provide our clients with the best opportunity to grow..

We never leave you in the dark, instead communicating every step of the way so that you understand what connections we are making and how we are making them. Our deal origination process is thorough, acquiring targets that are relevant to you and are likely to buy or sell. We create marketing messages that make sense and are designed to generate meaningful lead flow. This can help you to build a better firm and enhance deal flow for increased profits. Our reliable strategies find the right buyers and sellers rather than going in without a plan.

Contact us today to find out more about how working with GVP is the best decision you could make.

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