Deal Sourcing: Buyer Strategies for Unique Messaging

Robert Parrish
Asisten Direktor

Deal sourcing, also called deal origination, refers to the comprehensive process that investment bankers, venture capital firms and other companies use to find and capitalise on market opportunities. The primary purpose is to guarantee a considerable volume of high-quality deals during a specific period to maintain a viable deal flow and optimal profits. An effective deal origination plan will help you enhance deal flow, find the right sellers and buyers, and close deals more efficiently.

Regardless of the size of your firm, you must be proactive in deal sourcing since good buy-side or sell-side deals won’t arrive unsolicited. Deal sourcing companies work by researching and identifying leads, pitching potential buyers, and leveraging a vast network of top-quality firms. Business growth and investments go hand in hand with reliable deal sourcing strategies that drive high-quality deals into a firm’s pipeline.

A company must use various marketing strategies to succeed in effective deal sourcing, including a unique brand messaging. Using meaningful, memorable marketing messaging is essential to resonate well with prospective buyers to boost the deal flow. Here are some top strategies for compelling and unique brand messaging when deal sourcing:

Value and affordability

The common marketing messaging of value and affordability works very well with deal sourcing since it speaks about the universal issue of cost savings. If you have identified high production costs as a key pain point for a potential buyer, customising your message to provide them with a reliable solution makes perfect sense.

Usability and practicality

If your product is easy to use or allows a buyer to simplify their operations significantly, this can form a great basis for selling your brand benefits during deal sourcing. Consumers and businesses want powerful and effective products, but without the added expense of dealing with lots of complexity.

Unique selling proposition

The USP strategy highlights unique facts about your brand or product that is not available or offered by your competitors. This primary selling point should resonate with your potential prospects and allow them to quickly see how they can benefit from partnering with your firm.

Promoting safety and security

Reassuring prospects by touting the safety of your products convey assurance to your buyers while also reaffirming that you understand their core requirements. It essentially communicates that entering into a partnership with your firm will increase their peace of mind while improving their efficiency and bottom line.

Sustainability and ethics

Nowadays, businesses are likely to deal with clients who put sustainability and ethics above all. Hence, if your product or business uses ethical or sustainable processes, it is helpful to promote that as part of your brand messaging communication.

Why you should hire a specialised deal sourcing team

Outsourcing deal sourcing may seem impractical, particularly if you have built your business around personal networks. However, modern deal origination requires an expertise-driven method to generate the best quality, lucrative deals to maintain optimal growth.

The professional team at GVP can help you efficiently manage the entire deal sourcing process to ensure you get access to the best opportunities based on your unique product or service offerings. We have customised deal origination solutions for different companies, from large corporates and venture capital firms to private equity and family offices.

Get in touch with us today to discover how GVP deal sourcing services can give your business a huge competitive edge.

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